How to use

Did you ever wish you had access to’s courses to find out about the latest software?  Well, for those of you who have, your wish has come true!

Pellissippi students, faculty and staff now have 24/7 access to the 800+ courses, including exercise files, available via the website. logo

Click Here to Access

To access, each user must create a personal profile.  Complete the sign up form using your name & email (Pellissippi address).

Access over 53,000 video tutorials instantly on: digital photography, web design, web development, audio, motion graphics, Adobe, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Illustrator, Apple, Creative Inspirations, Avid, 3D Graphics, Dreamweaver, Action script, Final Cut Pro, and many more.

At the homepage make your selection from the various drop down menus at top and start viewing your streaming course videos and downloading the accompanying exercise files.

Like all the other library databases, can be accessed from on or off-campus.  When off-campus, clicking on the link at the A-Z library databases, will prompt you to log in with your Pellissippi username and password.

To ensure access to the website, always click on the link from the Library’s A-Z database.  This will ensure that will recognize you as an authorized Pellissippi State user.  Instructors may provide access to from inside a PSCC elearn course for their students.

Known issues:

As this is a very comprehensive site with many options and videos,  certain issues may occur.

Some browsers may experience difficulties logging in. If unable to login, users may want to try a different browser.

There is a time out issue: once logged in and a course has been selected, and videos played, but then the user takes a break.  When returning from a break, access to the site may have timed out.  Get logged back in to by clicking on the link again at the Library A-Z database page, or from inside your instructor’s elearn course link to


More Help for logging into from Pellissippi State is available from the library.