How to use your networked storage (H: drive)

When on campus, all Pellissippi State students, faculty and staff have access to a networked file storage area called the H: drive. This area is disk storage on a server, similar to a computer hard drive (C:).

Your H: drive and the files you save on it will appear when you login to your PSCC account from any PSCC computer which is connected to the campus network. This includes classroom computers, lab computers, and instructor workstations in classrooms.

The H: drive is not available from off campus, or when using personal laptops and mobile devices connected on campus via a PSCC wireless network, and files will be cleared off during semesters when a student is not enrolled in classes. Faculty and Staff who require access to this or other campus computer resources from off campus may enroll in the Virtual Desktop service offered by Network and Technical Services.

Please note the H: drive is for college related work only:   No personal files, music, or pictures, please.

To find your H: drive on a PSCC computer, you may need to look inside “This PC”. Click “This PC” to see its contents.

Browse to your H: drive


Your H: drive will hold a maximum of 500 MB. (Faculty and Staff may get access to more space if needed)

Your H: drive is accessible when you login to any PSCC computer connected to the network on any PSCC campus

You are the only one who can read and write files on your H: drive

Not visible or sharable with other students, faculty or staff

Not available off campus (unless you are an employee using VPN or Citrix connection)

Not available when you login to wireless network on campus using your personal device

Student H: drives will be cleared and H: drive will not be available during semesters when a student is not enrolled in PSCC classes