Office 365 overview

All students and employees have accounts in our Office 365 environment hosted by Microsoft including email within Outlook 365.

This service provides benefits for active students, including one TB of storage space on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud drive and the ability to download and use Office 365 applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel while an active student.

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What do I do if I have multiple Office 365 email accounts?

Some users may use Office 365 for other email accounts besides Pellissippi State, such as email accounts with other schools or workplaces, or perhaps a personal Office 365 account.

If you have problems logging into or switching between multiple Office 365 accounts, visit You will need to enter the complete email address for the account you would like to log into, such as or, and Office 365 should identify the correct profile. At this point you might or might not be redirected to a specific login page, and you should enter the corresponding password to gain access to that account.

If you have already signed in to an Office 365 email account, your browser might automatically open that account, rather than letting you sign into your other account. If this happens, you should completely sign out of the first account, clear your browser’s cookies and cache, close the browser, then re-start the browser and try again to log in ot the other account.

We recommend using a dedicated browser for each account. For example, you might always access your Pellissippi Office 365 email through Firefox, and your work Office 365 email through Chrome. This will eliminate potential cookies and cache issues that could be a problem in the sign off process.

You may find more help at Microsoft Help Site – Problems Signing Out of Office 365.