Print Management (PaperCut)

The Print Balance Window

After logging on to a workstation you will see a window showing your print balance.

Balance Window
Figure 1: Print balance window showing 298 prints remaining in balance

If the balance window is not visible (or if you have closed or minimized it) click the icon in the Windows taskbar (at bottom of your screen) to show it again.

Papercut Icon Launch
Figure 2: Print balance icon on the Windows task bar

When you confirm a print job by pressing “Print” in the popup dialog, the number of pages will be deducted from your print balance.


Popup Confirmation Dialog

After sending a print job a popup dialog will appear and ask you to confirm the details. Click “Print” to confirm the job and agree to print. Otherwise, click “Cancel” if you no longer wish to print the job.

User Client Confirmation
Figure 3: Popup Confirmation Window

Note: Large documents might take a while to display the number of pages.

Your print job will go to the lab printer queue, but it will not be printed until you release it at the print job release station.

Resolving Problems

If the popup window does not appear or the icon is missing from your system tray, the print control system may not be active and printing will be denied. Please try restarting your system, or ask a lab assistant for help if problems continue.