Sharing Files with OneDrive

Sharing Files via Onedrive

With the college’s move to Office 365 for students and employees, we all have access to Microsoft’s cloud-based OneDrive file storage. If you have used Dropbox or Google Drive, you will find OneDrive to be very similar but it is much easier to share files with others at the college without any additional account needed.

You can either create a file using your office PC and Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and then save it to your OneDrive folder OR you can log into Office 365 and start the document there. Once you have the document saved in OneDrive, you then can control how and when you share it. By default, all of your files and folders are private unless you change their settings.

Some of the sharing options you can edit include:

  • Who can view the file? (you can share with specific people, with everyone at the college or anyone who has the link)
  • Who can edit the file? (same as above)
  • When is the file available (you can share it so it is always available until you stop the share or you can set an expiration date)

A good way to get started is to check out this video and tutorial about sharing files via OneDrive.

Want to learn more?

The videos available through the library are a great resource for Office 365. You can also call the HelpDesk for assistance.

Ready to get started?

Here is where you login to your OneDrive