Viewing Pending/Draft Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms (DF) saves pending and draft forms as well as a form history for a year. You can access it by logging into Dynamic Forms and using the pending and forms history menu items.

Getting to Dynamic Forms

Log into myPellissippi and select Dynamic Forms on the Employee page

screenshot of myPellissippi with arrow pointing to Dynamic Forms link in the Log into Services area

Accessing Your Pending/Draft Forms

Look in the upper right and go to My Forms > Pending/Draft Forms to view a list of all forms in progress

Under Pending/Draft Forms will be a list of all forms currently in progress.

View/download/save/print Pending/Draft Forms

To view the form, click the PDF icon or HTML icon located on the right in the list for the form.

Opening the form in PDF version will allow you to easily print or save the file for your reference.

Sorting Pending/Draft Forms

Click on a column header.

The forms are sorted based on that column in ascending or descending order.

Using Form Status

Within Pending/Draft Forms there are different types of Form Statuses:

  • Draft – A form you started but saved before submitting.
  • Incomplete – Waiting for you to complete your section of form and submit.
  • Payment (for payment forms only) – A form where a payment is needed from you.
  • Returned – A form returned to you to make revisions and resubmit.
  • Pending (awaiting other co-signer(s)) – A form where you completed your section and is now waiting for co-signer(s) to complete their section(s) and submit.

Using Form Actions

Each Form in progress has an Action button aligned to it that shows the applicable actions that can be taken identified below:

  • Complete Form – Form ready for you to complete and submit.
  • Delete Form (for Drafts forms only) – Delete a draft form that is no longer needed
  • View PDF – View your Form as a PDF