Voicemail Essentials

Accessing the Voicemail System

On-campus: Press the message button on your Cisco phone or dial ext. 7500

Off-campus: Dial 865-539-7500 then:

  • Press * when the Cisco Unity Connection answers
  • Enter your Connection ID (your 4 digit phone extension) and press #
  • Enter your password and press #

Voicemail Setup

On your Cisco phone, press the Messages button, and enter your default PIN followed by #, then follow the voice prompts. Your initial/default PIN is 112233.

Off-campus, call your access number (see above). Once the recording begins press *, it will ask for your ID number, which is your 4 digit extension number followed by #. Then it will ask you to enter your PIN followed by #. The voice mail system will ask you to record your name, greeting and to change your voicemail PIN.

Voicemail Shortcuts

As you navigate through the voice mail system these shortcuts may help:

Main Menu

Key(s)   Action
1     Play new messages
2     Send a message
3     Review old messages
4     Change setup options
41   Change greetings
412   Turn on/off alternate greeting
421   Change message notification
423   Choose full or brief menus
44   Change transfer settings
5     Find messages
51   Find messages from a user
52   Find messages from all outside callers
53   Find messages from a specific outside caller


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