How to print via wireless connection to printers in Pellissippi State Open Computer Labs

This is an online service which enables students to print to Open Computer Lab printers from personal devices such as laptops, phones or tablets. This service requires login using a current Pellissippi State username and password, and supports printing of files which are already in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. To print a document in a different format, such as Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (RTF) or a Web document (HTML), you must first save the file in PDF format.

Pellissippi State libraries provide a similar but not identical service to allow PSCC faculty, staff and students to print wirelessly to printers in PSCC libraries. For instructions, please see the FAQ on the PSCC Libraries web page.

For information about how to connect to the wireless network on campus visit the Wireless network knowledgebase article.

To print to an Open Computer Lab printer, click below to Login to the Pellissippi State PaperCut service.

PaperCut Login

This will bring up the following login window. Login using your Pellissippi State username and password (as for myPellissippi, Webmail and Online Courses).

PaperCut NG login screen

After you login, PaperCut will display your Summary page, as pictured below. Click the Web Print option on the left side of the screen.

PaperCut Summary page

This should bring up the Web Print page, as pictured below. Click the blue text which says “Submit a Job”

Screenshot of Web Print page

Clicking to Submit a Job will open a page with a 3-step procedure, as pictured below.

Screenshot of 3 step procedure for web printing

The first step (1. Printer) is to select which Open Computer Lab printer you would like to print to. The printer names and locations are described on the page. To select a printer, click the button to the left of its name. If you are unsure which printer to select, an Open Computer Lab staff member can help you decide.

After selecting a printer, click on the button in the lower right labeled “2. Print Options and Account Selection” to continue.

Screenshot showing Job Submission Tab highlighted

At the second step (2. Options) you will need to enter the number of copies you would like to print. To continue, click the button at the lower right labeled “3. Upload Documents”.

Screenshot showing job submission tab step 3

The page for the third step (3. Upload) provides a box where you can drag and drop the file you would like to print. Or you can click the “Upload from computer” button, and a window will pop up which allows you to browse to the file you want to print. You can send only one file at a time to the printer.

Screenshot of file directory window

When you have chosen which file to print, you should see the file displayed on your screen, as in the screenshot below. To print, click the button in the bottom right labeled “Upload & Complete”.

Screenshot showing selected file in the PaperCut print dialog box

You will be returned to the Web Print Summary window, where you should see your file displayed, along with information about its print status. The Status may be “Submitting” for a few minutes, then will become “Held in a queue”.

Screenshot showing successful file submission screen

You must then login to the print job release station in the Open Computer Lab, and release your file for printing.