The Service Catalog of the Information Services division at Pellissippi State Community College

Zoom Rooms Resources

Classes taught in the Distance Learning Classroom at each campus use the Zoom Rooms technology to provide synchronous video and voice conferencing with screen sharing, chat and other capabilities. Each classroom  is equipped with monitors, cameras, and microphones.

Resources are provided below for faculty who will utilize the Zoom Rooms application within one of the distance learning classrooms.

Zoom Rooms – Ready to Use (video)

Joining an Auto-start Meeting in Zoom Rooms (video)

Using a Join Code in Zoom Rooms (video)

Zoom Rooms – Shutting Down (video)

Zoom Rooms – Using as a Standard Classroom (video)

Starting or Joining a Meeting from a Zoom Room

View In-Meeting Chat in a Zoom Room

ETS Zoom Rooms Usage Guide (PDF – Created by ETS and posted in each distance learning classroom)

Zoom Rooms User Guide (PDF – Produced by Zoom)

Zoom Rooms Quick Start Guide (PDF – Produced by Zoom)