Learning Remotely: Using Brightspace and other technologies for your classes

Brightspace, Teams, Zoom…here’s a place to help you get started

Since most of our classes will involve some online or remote learning, here are some tips to get you prepared for remote teaching and learning.

If you need additional resources or information, the Student Resources page is a great place to start!

If your instructor is using Brightspace for instruction

Brightspace is the learning management system used at Pellissippi State.

While many of the features of Brightspace can be used from mobile devices through the Brightspace Pulse app, most students find using a laptop or desktop computer the easiest (and sometimes required) way to complete assignment submissions and quizzes. You may need a webcam and microphone for some of your class activities.

If your instructor is using Office 365 for sharing instructional materials

You can log into your Office 365 account from https://www.office.com or where you log into your college webmail. Office 365 provides you with online version of Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as OneDrive (a cloud based storage drive much like Dropbox but secured with your college account and integrated into Brightspace)

If you haven’t used Office 365 very much, here’s help to get started:

Using Teams

Office 365 also includes Teams, which is a hub of communication for groups. It supports chat, video conferencing, collaborative file editing, screen sharing and more. If your instructor chooses to use Teams for video office hours, etc, here are some resources to help get your started.

Teams does work in a browser, but if you find yourself using Teams a good deal, the best experience is from the dedication app on your phone and computer.

If your instructor is using Zoom for instruction

Zoom provides a real-time videoconferencing platform that can be accessed by a computer, laptop, tablet, phone or other device.

Here is a Getting Started Guide from Educational Technology Services – this guide assists in preparing audio, microphone, and webcam.

How to join a Zoom meeting for the first time

More Zoom Resources

If you have other tech questions

Check out the Student How-tos page

If you have never really done any online classwork before…YOU CAN DO IT!!

It can be daunting to suddenly become an online student. Here are five tips for success from our office of Distance Education to help make the transition because we know you can do this!