Preparing to Manage a Remote Team

Preparing to Teach Remotely | Preparing to Work Remotely

As the college moves to remote teaching during the Spring 2020 semester, many employees are also moving to work remotely for all or part of their work week. This is a big shift for many supervisors and employees.

You may be worried about how this “new normal” will work. But, take heart! There is a lot good things being found in research on remote work:

  • In a survey from ConnectSolutions: 30% says they get more accomplished in less time.
  • According to Harvard Business Review: 87% feel more connected thanks to new video conferencing tools.

Managing a Remote Team

Keeping those who you supervise feeling connected and on track with their work can be a challenge, no matter the format. But, shifting to remote work can take a bit of adjustment. Human Resources will be providing more training on managing a team that dispersed.

Here is a LinkedIn Learning playlist of resources on Working with Remote Teams and a Linked in course on Managing Virtual Teams

Upcoming Training

Recorded Training

Socially Connecting to a Remote Team: Here is the PDF of the presentation and a recording of the Zoom session.

Managing a Remote Team:
Here is the Sway Presentation and a recording of the Zoom session.

Using Microsoft Teams for Meetings and Communication

The college’s Office 365 subscription gives us PLENTY of tools that allow for easy collaboration and virtual communications – both asynchronous and asynchronous. Microsoft Teams is a hub that brings many of these other tools together in one location.

You can make a team for your department, a project, similar employee tasks or any other reason to group people together. Within a team, you can also create channels to separate discussions, meetings, files and more. It is up to you how you want to organize things.

You can visit the Prepare to Work Remotely page to find out more about to install Teams on your home computer or device.