Graduate spotlight: Victoria Williams finds community on Blount County Campus

Victoria Williams and her dad, Robert Williams
Victoria Williams, left, has followed in her father’s footsteps by completing her Nursing degree at Pellissippi State. Her father, Robert Williams, graduated from Pellissippi State’s Nursing program in 2017.

When Victoria Williams started studying to be a certified nursing assistant in high school, she inspired her dad, Robert, to enroll in Pellissippi State’s Nursing program. Robert graduated from Pellissippi State in 2017, the same year Victoria graduated from high school. Now, four years later, Victoria has also earned her A.A.S. in Nursing from Pellissippi State!  

During her first two years at Pellissippi State, Victoria was a tutor in the Academic Support Center on the College’s Blount County Campus, where she helped fellow students with their science classwork. My co-workers in the tutoring center became like family,” recalls Victoria. We would all help each other with our different subjects, since many of the other tutors were taking classes too. It’s like a little family in there.”   

Victoria also spent her time in college working at Village Behavioral Health Treatment Center, an adolescent health facility, where she will continue to work part time after graduation. She has accepted a full-time position at Peninsula Hospital in their child psych unit as wellVictoria plans to eventually get her Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner for children and adolescents. 

While Victoria has many fond memories from her time in college, she will always be especially grateful for the community she found at Pellissippi State. “The faculty and staff are just so active in the students’ lives, and they are there to help them,” shares Victoria. “Even during the pandemic, my teachers and classmates were all about having Zoom meetings and keeping that camaraderie between everybody. I felt like the community is very special at Pellissippi State. They put so much effort into making sure students don’t feel alone, even before and especially during the pandemic. 

Becoming a part of a community made Victoria’s experience special and she encourages everyone to jump right into that community. “Pellissippi State is different from high school,” she says. “When you go to Pellissippi State, you are doing school in that community. You don’t just go to school, hang out with friends and then go home. Your friends are at school, and you do your homework at what feels like a home. You build into this community and you become a part of it. Dive in, get involved and be a part of that community!”