2019 Annual TYCAT Conference


November 1-2, 2019 in Gallatin, TN

Proposals due: October 4, 2019

“As educators, we have to work to balance our own teaching personas (and the difficulties therein) with the identities of the students with whom we work. We work to encourage them, to empower them, to show them that they do belong in our classrooms. We help them learn to navigate the many different communities to which they belong, while also finding success in the classroom. We teach them to identify their own voices in their writing and argumentation, while they avoid taking the voices of others. Come to TYCAT this year and tell us how you handle some of these questions of worth and authenticity. How do you empower students? How do you teach students to find their academic voice? How do you help students to find success in the classroom when the odds are stacked against them?

We’re interested in knowing WHY you’re doing what you’re doing (perhaps ground your presentation in a problem or theoretical basis) as well as WHAT you’re doing (consider offering some very practical information, including sharing handouts, assignments, etc.) We will continue to host a number of TYCATTalks (TEDTalks-style presentations) this year in Gallatin, Tennessee at Volunteer State Community College’s black box theater. Each presenter (or group of presenters) will have 15 minutes to offer a dynamic talk on a topic of his/her/their choice plus an additional 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Presenters also have the option of proposing a more traditional 60-minute panel presentation or a roundtable discussion between peers on a specific topic. We welcome presentations concerning any aspect of teaching English in the community college classroom.”

TYCAT 2019 Conference


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