COLL 1500 Campus Engagement Project

Submitted by Lora Bagwell


If you have a different idea other than those listed below, ask for instructor permission.

Volunteer Service

(Minimum hours/Time Required: 2)

Club Involvement

(Minimum hours/Time Required: 2 group meetings)


(Minimum hours/Time Required: 1 game/tournament)

Career Counseling

(Minimum hours/Time Required: 1 session)

Library Tour

(Minimum hours/Time Required: 1 session)

Academic Support Center

(Minimum hours/Time Required: 2 sessions)

Join TRiO

(Minimum hours/Time Required: 2 hours)


(Minimum hours/Time Required: 2 hours)

Presentation Options

All students will present their experiences to the class in digital form. Taking photos and/or videos during your participation is an excellent way to document your experience and enhance your presentation. You will create a presentation that highlights your experience as you engaged in the PSCC community. Some ideas include the following:

  • SMORE Poster
  • Powerpoint
  • iMovie
  • Prezi

Presentations must include the following:

  • Minimum of eight photographs or one 3o second video documenting your experience
  • Title of the activity with an explanation
  • Date(s) of participation
  • Explanations for each photo/video
  • Details of the activity sharing your experience and how you feel you benefitted from engaging in this way
  • Elements of creativity including, but not limited to: backgrounds, fonts, graphics, music, sound effects, colorful elements, etc.

See Lora’s grading sheet for this assignment and her rubric for this assignment.

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