2021 Teaching and Learning Conference Schedule

Schedule at a glance – Monday, January 11th, 2021

Full Schedule

8:25 am to 9:30 am: ED Talks

Recording: Welcome and ED Talk Recordings

All of the ED Talks will be in one Zoom room. Each Talk will be 15 minutes long. Our ED Talk presenters and the title of their talks are: (Presenter slides are linked via the Talk titles.)

9:40 am to 10:40 am: Concurrent Sessions #1

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: 10 Tips to Optimize Your Zoom Environment for Synchronous Class Sessions Stephanie Markowitz and Royce JacomenAre you teaching with Zoom next semester? Do you want to learn tips and tricks on how to help make your class meetings run more smoothly, efficiently, and that engage your students? During this session, we will focus on designing synchronous environments that optimize student learning. We will cover how to properly design, facilitate, and manage your Zoom class meetings. Let’s “zoom” through 2021!
Course Reflections Deanne Michaelson & Tony CrosslandSeveral faculty completing the Course Reflections training during the summer of 2020 indicated a desire to discuss the effectiveness of course revisions implemented in online courses fall 2020. Please join us for this open discussion to share your experiences, thoughts, and ideas. This program is open to all faculty interested in learning more about the Course Reflections Process and graduates of the training program.

Presenter Notes/Tips: Promoting Online Student Success through Course Design/Organization

Recording of Course Reflections presentation
Barometer on Belonging — What Students are Saying Anne Pharr & Student leaders: Cassity NoblesPellissippi’s participation in TBR’s Student Voices Initiative gave our students the unprecedented opportunity to share their experiences around belonging at the College. Their responses came through conversations during student-led focus groups as well as information gathered through a written survey, and the data is being analyzed and interpreted with guidance from University of Virginia’s Motivate Lab as well as PSCC student leaders who facilitated the focus groups. This session will allow attendees to hear and learn from our own students about specific practices that reinforce this integral aspect of the student experience at Pellissippi State.

Presenter slides: Barometer on Belonging: What Students are Saying

Recording of Barometer on Belonging session

10:50 am to 11:50 am: Concurrent Sessions #2

Pellissippi Academy Spring Kick-off Elizabeth Ross, Antija Allen, Nancy Ramsey, Carole Gary, Richard Brintnall, Anna Childs, Annette ElDridge, Keri Withington, Kate O’Meara, Esther DyerPellissippi Academy cohort members are invited to the “Spring Kick-off” to check-in and catch up with the other cohorts, to share their individual experiences on professional development within the Academy thus far, and to be re energized for the Spring. In the theme of “Happy New Year,” and celebrating and looking forward to new opportunities and chances for growth, Champions will give a heads up on what members can expect for the new semester. The session will be a space dedicated to fun and fellowship. All Pellissippi Academy members are encouraged to attend.
Creating Collaborative and Interactive Media ProjectsMary Monroe-Ellis, Susan Mosteller, Suzanne Etheridge, Amy Tankersley, Claire Suddeth, Carolyn Fellhoelter, Brooks Ziegler, Christina Elliott, Karen SorensenEight math faculty, all teaching Introduction to Stats, and one instructional designer collaborated to create an in-depth, instructional learning object on a topic all of the instructors teach. Come hear from the group on the planning, tools, lessons learned, and the fun we had. View the project here.

Presenter slides: Creating Collaborative and Interactive Media Projects

Recording of Creating Collaborative Media Projects presentation
Targeted Reading Strategies + YOUR specific discipline content = Win/Win for Students & Faculty Kara Raymond, Tracy Rees, and GEST GEST (General Education Strategy Team) will present proven methods for introducing reading strategies that may be implemented into your current content, regardless of discipline. Join GEST members to learn what strategies were successful in Fall 2020 for various general education top enrollment courses.

Presenter slides: Targeted Reading Strategies + YOUR specific discipline content = Win/Win for Students
Countering the Spread of Mis/Disinformation in the Classroom Jesse CragwallIn our current social and political environment, it can be very hard to distinguish between truth/facts and false information. What is more, students can be spreaders of either misinformation or disinformation without knowing it. During my last active-duty assignment in Germany, I worked in the Information Operations cell for U.S. Army, Europe focusing on how to detect and counter mis and disinformation being spread by our adversaries across continental Europe. In this session, I would like to leverage my military experiences to educate PSCC faculty on how to detect and counter mis/disinformation in their classrooms.

Presenter Slides: Countering the Spread of Mis and Disinformation in the Classroom

Recording of Countering the Spread of Mis and Disinformation

12 pm to 1 pm: In Case You Missed It…Meet the College!

Recording: Meet the College

Facilitated by Shaquille Marsh, these six college resources will each give a six-minute review of the important services they provide the college and our students:

  • Admissions
  • Records
  • Start Strong Center
  • Enrollment Services
  • Advising
  • Academic Support Services

1:10 pm to 2:10 pm: Concurrent Sessions #3

All About Epubs: News, Tips and Tools Alice WershingEpub as a format for textbooks has become more available in recent years. This presentation will cover how this format works, what it offers to students, trends and information on where to locate epub versions. Resources for creating epub files from Word documents and testing tools will be demonstrated, and will be available for participants after the session.

Presenter slides: All About EPUB: News, Tips and Tools

Recording:All About EPUB: News, Tips and Tools
Hear and Be Heard: A Roundtable Discussion on Audio ToolsMoira Connelly & Katy RossIn this open discussion, Moira and Katy will each explain how they have used audio tools in their online classes to benefit student learning and interpersonal connections. Although audio tools have been well-received by students, there are concerns regarding accessibility. The goal in these allotted 60 minutes is to exchange ideas and determine potential solutions for using audio tools in the virtual classroom.

Presenter slides: Hear and Be Heard: A Roundtable Discussion on Audio Tools
Implementing Mindfulness in the classroom Tracey FarrThe juggle is real! But it does not have to drag you down, or keep you from feeling fully present in your daily routine. Students juggle many things and teaching them to focus their time while you are together, either online or in person, can help them develop this habit that will reduce their stress and help them feel more connected to the present moment, versus always thinking about what is next.

Presenter materials: Links and ideas from Mindfulness session
Animated slide presentation

Recording of Implementing Mindfulness in the classroom
Assessment According to SACSCOC Angel Hughes, Judy Gosch, Hope Denny, Holly Sayne, Amy TankersleyJoin these career program and general education assessment leaders as they share what they learned about assessment during the 2020 SACSCOC conference. Participants can expect updated content and various perspectives on the assessment process as each presenter shares learning and answers questions.

Presenter Slides: Assessment According to SACSCOC

2:20 pm to 3:20 pm: Concurrent Sessions #4

How COVID19 made me a better instructor: student engagement and early alert in the time of COVID Brent EllisThe presentation will outline a data-driven approach to student engagement and early alert utilized in four (4) COLL1000 sections taught in a 100% online asynchronous format in FA2020. I have worked with Student Services to correlate data from the Early Alert System combined with student engagement approaches utilized in the course to (re)engage students.

Presenter slides: How COVID19 made me a better instructor

Recording of “How COVID19 made me a better instructor”
Promoting Online Student Success Through Course Design/OrganizationDeanne Michaelson & Tony CrosslandThe organization and design of an online course is an effective tool in promoting student success. Can a student easily navigate the four walls of your online classroom to discover learning resources and complete course assignments? Presenting faculty will share formats and ideas for organizing/designing an online course to enhance student success in your course.
OER vs. Commercial Textbook: The Winner is… Antija Allen, Spencer Christensen, Shaquille Marsh OpenStax books (know as OERs or Open Educational Resources) are being adopted at the same rate of commercial textbooks in high enrollment introductory course across the US (Raymond, 2018). Many instructors are turning to OERs to help students access textbooks. Attendees will learn about two PSCC OER projects from the academic areas of Communication Studies and Psychology. In addition, attendees will: 1) list reasons to use an OER in their class and 2) compare and contrast an OER with a commercial textbook. Supplemental activities include a viewing of a video, structured questions, and open dialogue about OERs and commercial textbooks.

OER Resources: PACE OER Website

Recording OER vs. Commercial Textbook: The Winner is…
Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFT) SessionsZainab Ahmed & Karen Sorensen, Trent Eades, Jennifer Priano, Charlotte Rose, Barbara VeithRecording of GIFT session

Presenter slides are linked via presentation title:

Zainab Ahmed & Karen Sorensen: “Concept Cartoon Pedagogy”
Trent Eades: “Quizzes as Pedagogical Tools” (Example quizzes)
Jennifer Priano: “The Benefits of Using YouTube Videos in the Online Teaching Environment”
Charlotte Rose: “Teaching the Global While Highlighting the Local in English Composition 1 and Beyond”
Barbara Veith: “Individual Group Projects”

3:30 pm to 4 pm: Closing Session

Recording: Closing Session

Vice President Kathy Byrd and QEP Director Oakley Atterson will wrap up the conference, and send us off into the semester with some important information and inspiration.