Argos Reports

    The following document contains a summary of Argos reports that may be useful for those supervising faculty or programs in the Academic Affairs division, e.g. program coordinators, chairs, and deans. Each section contains where to find the report in the Argos folders and subfolders, a brief summary of what information the report gathers, and a link to a short video showing navigation of the report. This is not a complete list of all Argos reports available. Several reports are duplicated in in different subfolders. As long as the title of the report is the same, then it will produce the same outcomes, independent of which folder in which it is located. You can access Argos reports by logging into myPellissippi, navigating to the Employee tab, and selecting the Argos link from the “Log In Services” section. Alternatively, you can create a bookmark in your browser. A new window, titled eVisions, will open. Following the “Argos Web Viewer” link will open a new window to access Argos reports within the browser. Following the “Argos” link will open the Argos application on the computer if it has been downloaded to the computer. Both ways are equally valid and completely functional, but experience has shown that the standalone application is more stable. Also, the standalone application of Argos does not time out from inactivity, which allows Argos reports to be readily available. This guide, however, uses the Argos Web Viewer link because it can be used on any computer without having to download any software. Table Of Contents

Obtaining Class Rosters

Academics > Class Reports > Class Report (SSASECT Report)

The Class Report provides a complete roster of a class or classes. The complete roster can include students who are currently registered, auditing, have withdrawn or even those who initially registered for the course but dropped it. The roster information includes students’ names, P#’s and majors, plus and all of their directory information, e.g. address, phone number, and email address(es). This report can be useful to gather contact information for classes, especially for contacting students to let them know their class is about to be canceled.

Obtaining Directory Information

Academics > Class Reports > Person Search

The Person Search report allows you to find directory information, including P#, for anyone as long as you know some bit of information about them. This is similar to the Person Search function in INB Banner (SPAIDEN), but avoids having to use INB Banner. An alternative would be to use the ID Selection search function in Self-Service Banner, but that is limited to students and you can only perform that search if you have the student’s name.

Following-up with Attendance Reporting

Academics > Faculty General > Attendance Report – Version 3.10

The Attendance Report allows you to know which faculty have yet to report attendance. Given how important accurate and timely attendance reporting is for financial aid reasons, this report is extremely valuable during that time of each semester. In order to determine which student is missing, you will need to use the SZAATND – Attendance Reporting function in INB Banner.

Following-up with Grade Reporting by Faculty Member

Academics > Faculty General > Missing Grades – Version 1.1

The newest version of the Missing Grades report allows you to know which faculty have yet to submit midterm or final grades. This report, however, will only show you how many students’ grades are missing for each course, it will not let you know which specific students are missing.

Following-up with Grade Reporting with Student Information

Academics > Faculty General > End of Term Missing Grades – Version 1.6

The End of Term Missing Grades with Names report allows you to know specifically which students in a particular course are missing their final grade. This report is very helpful to identify which student a faculty member needs to focus on fixing.

Classes Needing an Instructor Assignment

Academics > Faculty General > Missing Instructors – Version 1.5

The Missing Instructors report allows you to quickly know which courses do not have instructors assigned. This is a quicker route to that information than using the Course_Term report or looking through Self-Service Banner.

Tracking FLAC Contracts

Academics > FLAC\Acknowledged > Unacknowledged

This report allows you to determine which faculty have acknowledged their contract and which contracts are locked. This is an efficient window to monitor the contract process for faculty at the beginning of each term.

Obtaining a List of Majors

Academics > Program Coordinators > Majors – Students Enrolled

This report allows you to obtain a list of students who have declared have declared a particular major. This may be helpful to develop a database to follow students as they move through a program.

Researching Pre/Co-requisites

Academics > Program Coordinators > Pre/Co-requisites

This report allows you to obtain the data used to correlate course success with pre- or co-requisites. The results from this data can be used to justify adding or removing a pre- or co-requisite. Be sure to use the PROD_ADM connection to obtain accurate data from Banner.

Researching Student Academic History at Pellissippi

Academics > Program Coordinators > Majors – Students Enrolled

This report allows you to take a deep dive into a student’s academic history at Pellissippi State. It is similar to an academic transcript, but it provides specific information about a student’s academic history such as who taught the course and on which campus the course was taken. You will need a student’s P# to initiate the report.

Researching Class Success Rates

Academics > Program Coordinators > Departmental Grade Distribution > Departmental Grade Distribution

This report allows you to gather data on success rates by course, delivery method, and by instructor. This report has been replaced by the ATD Data Analysis Dashboard published by IEAP in myPellissippi. There may be times, however, when looking at overall success rates may be useful. Be sure to use the PROD_ADM connection to obtain accurate data from Banner.

Obtaining Complete Schedule Information

Instructional Services > Instructional Services Reports > COURSE_TERM_DrWolfe

This report allows you to obtain all of the course schedule data for any term. This version of the report has an added column of listing students who are enrolled and who have paid for the course. This added data can be helpful in determining which classes to cancel. When exporting the data, the results are identical to the regular Course_Term Report.

Room Usage

Instructional Services > Instructional Services Reports > STU_RMU v3

This report provides data on when rooms are in use, at what times, and by which classes. You can use this to generate your own room usage statistics or to see which rooms are being used efficiently.

Room Availability

Instructional Services > Instructional Services Reports > STU_AVRM v2.0

This report allows you to determine which rooms are available at a particular campus during a standard time slot.