Navigate – Submitting Alerts and Completing Progress Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an alert?

When you submit an Alert, you are sending out a notification that the student either (1) needs to be connected to a specific resource or (2) is having issues in the classroom. Here are some example Alerts that have been used in the past:

  • Student is having attendance, grade, or other academic issues in the classroom.
  • Student is in need of tutoring.
  • Student reported mental health issue.

What is a Progress Report?

A Progress Report is a proactive request for faculty to submit Alerts on their students within a specific timeframe. Progress Reports will either focus on specific issues (e.g., technology concerns) or attempt to be more comprehensive (e.g., including Alerts for academic issues and departmental referrals).

How do I complete a Progress Report?

  1. When a Progress Report is sent out, you will receive an e-mail asking you to complete the Progress Report for your sections.
Student Feedback Request: Dear Professor Penzkofer, Click the link below to complete the Progress report for your section(s). Click to Begin Entering Student Feeback. The link above expires on 4/1/2020. If you would like to provide feedback after the expiration above, please contact your administrator. If you have trouble with the above link, copy and paste this address into your browser:
Email request to fill out a Progress Report.
  1. Click on the link: “Click to Begin Entering Student Feedback” to be taken to your respective Progress Report.
Progress Report example with student names and P numbers removed for privacy.
  1. For any student that is having an issue that is related to the purpose of that Progress Report, check “Yes” and select the appropriate Alert(s). Note: You do not have to manually select “No” for students whom you have no concerns about.
  2. If you have additional comments about the student’s issues, fill those out in the Comments field.
  3. When it is time to submit, you have two submission options:
    • Submit only marked students (but I’m not done): Use this option if you would like to only submit Alerts for the students you have selected. This is useful if you want to go ahead and submit Alerts for some students and wait until closer to the end of the Progress Report period to see how the rest of your students are doing.
    • Submit unmarked students as not At-Risk (I’m all done): Use this option if you have marked all the students you are concerned about and do not have any concerns about the unmarked students. All unmarked student will be automatically marked as not “At Risk”.

How to fill out a Progress Report

What happens when I submit an Alert?

Depending on the type of Alert, one or both of the following will happen:

  1. The student will receive an e-mail notification that the Alert has been submitted and suggestions on what they should do next to help with the issue.
  2. The Alert will open a Case that is assigned to the most appropriate department or person to provide an intervention.

What types of Progress Reports will be sent out during the Spring 2021 semester?

Two Progress Reports will be sent out during the Spring 2021 semester, the Start Strong Progress Report and the Spring 2021 Progress Report.

Start Strong Progress Report (1/25 – 2/1)

Purpose: Identify students in your class(es) who are having issues with technology and/or not attending class.
Targeted Student Population: All Students

Available Alerts
• Student reported that they need a laptop
• Student reported that they need a hotspot
• Student reported other technology need (Provide details)
• Student is having attendance issues

Spring 2021 Progress Report (2/15 – 2/22)

Purpose: Identify students with academic and non-academic issues.
Targeted Student Population: All Students

Available Alerts

  • Student is having attendance, grade, or other issues in the classroom (Provide comments)
  • Student is in need of tutoring
  • Student reported technology need
  • Student reported mental health issue
  • Student reported community resource need

What if I want to submit an Alert for a student outside of the timeframe of a Progress Report? (Overview of Ad Hoc Alerts)

At most, Progress Reports will only be available for 1–2 weeks of the semester. If you are not currently being asked to complete a Progress Report but would like to submit an Alert on a student, you can use Ad Hoc Alerts. You can also use Ad Hoc Alerts to submit Alerts for students who may not be included on your Progress Report (e.g. Low Level of Concern Students for the Spring 2021 Progress Report).

Employee page of MyPellissippi idenifying the EAB Navigate link

Follow the direction below to submit an Ad Hoc Alert for a student:

  1. Log into MyPellissippi.
  2. Go to the Employee page.
  3. Click on EAB Navigate link. 
  4. You will be taken to the Professor Home screen with a list of your classes and students. (Those with staff and faculty roles, may be taken to the Staff Home first. If that’s the case, just click the triangle next to “Staff Home” and you will see the “Professor Home” link. )
  5. Click on “Issue an Alert” link in the upper right corner.
  6. An “Issue an Alert” window will open.
When you click on the “Issue an Alert” link on your Professor Home screen, the “Issue an Alert” form opens up.
  1. Search for the student by name or P Number.
  2. Select the most relevant Alert reason.
  3. Choose the class that this Alert is associated with.
  4. And provide any additional comments you have.
  5. Click Submit.

How to make an Ad-hoc Alert