What you need to keep an eye out for is:
• this monthly PACE newsletter for blurbs on useful techy tools,
• the Grow Your Skills Completion Card at In-service (or print the above image), to fill out as challenges are completed,
• and dates for online or face to face training sessions!

Let’s answer a few general questions:

Who is the challenge for?
EVERYONE! There will be different levels of the challenge for all user types.

What topics will be covered? Time management, D2L/Brightspace skills, student engagement techniques in and out of class, presentation skills, testing techniques and so much more!

What is the time frame? It will be self-paced challenges through the fall and spring semester of 2018-2019.

Why would I want to participate? It can be fun, make your life more efficient, increase student engagement and communication in face-to-face and online courses, expand your general repertoire of skills for teaching, and give you bragging rights for completing all of the challenges!

For more information on the challenge or to get your Grow Your Skills Challenge contact Rachel Glazener , keep an eye out on the PACE website, and come see us at In-service.

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