Course Development Cohorts

Spring Course Development Cohort

Do you have a PSCC course you would like to try to develop or redesign? Why not join a Course Development Cohort? It’s a supportive, collaborative space (complete with coffee, tea, and treats) to work on your course while other instructors work on theirs alongside you. It is a chance to share ideas, learn something new in Brightspace, and try new things in your course. Facilitated by PACE Instructional Designer, Karen Sorensen, and ETS Instructional Technology Specialist, Royce Jacomen.

We have two options: Mondays at 2pm or Tuesdays at 8:30am.

Register your interest now in a Spring Course Development Cohort! When we have two people registered for the same timeslot,  we will begin.

What your colleagues are saying

“I wish I had done this earlier.  There were many tips that I can apply to my classes… It always helps to get input from others.  I enjoyed seeing and listening to what others were doing with their classes (how they made their syllabi, etc.).   I had questions I didn’t know I had before I started, so this course spawned new questions, and I received helpful answers.”

Dr. Kathleen Affholter, Professor of Earth Science

“The small group setting and the personalized nature was very helpful as well as the variety of topics that related to all courses and all experience levels.”

Elizabeth Choi, Adjunct Instructor

“I’m developing a course with content that I’ve taught many times before, but I wanted to focus on best practices for universal design for learning and course assessment. Working in the cohort has accentuated what I know about the course content because I’m also getting ideas from Karen and instructors from other disciplines. It has turned from me putting together some ideas I already know into a collaboration of materials and teaching methods to help my students engage and learn.” 

Dr. Angela Hughes, Associate Professor of Communication Studies 

Being part of a cohort constantly provided me with inspiration, new ideas, and new ways of thinking about my curriculum and pedagogy. The workload felt lighter and more fun in the company of like-minded friends and colleagues, and I thought about details and specifics of my course in light of their ideas and experiences as well as my own. More than anything, it helped me look at curriculum that was starting to feel a little tired in an exciting and critical way, and make better decisions about which parts were worth keeping and improving, and what could be changed or let go… 

Ms. Kate O’Meara, Assistant Professor of ESL 

More Information

If you would like more information on the Cohorts, contact Karen Sorensen at 865-539-7413 or or Royce Jacomen at 865-539-7410 or