Lora Bagwell, Associate Professor English Department

Dr. Lora BagwellLora Bagwell is in her eighth year as reading faculty at PSCC where she serves as the reading program coordinator and teaches READ 0900 and COLL 1500. Professor Bagwell is also a member of the ATD Gen-Ed Strategy team, the Institutional Review Panel, and the Faculty Emeritus committee. She is a certified Reading Apprenticeship trainer and holds the office of secretary on the TASSR Executive Board.

Professor Bagwell facilitates the Community of Practice: Building Students’ Knowledge of Disciplinary Texts for PACE. The purpose of the course is to provide teachers with background knowledge and metacognitive routines to increase their students’ knowledge of content texts, language, and disciplinary discourse and practice. Each module consists of reading for background knowledge and Making It Real activities where faculty implement the strategies in their classrooms and share their challenges and successes in order to learn from one another. The course is based on the Reading Apprenticeship framework. Professor Bagwell is also available for training sessions on grit, growth mindset, and the Intelligent Practice Formula from the research of Angela Duckworth and Carol Dweck.