Dr. Rebecca Glatt, Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Rebecca Glatt, a member of the Natural & Behavioral Sciences department of Pellissippi State, is also a member of the Accessibility Planning Committee, and is the PACE 2018-2020 Mobile and Emerging Technology Faculty Fellow. Her project introduces Sway as a more accessible presentation alternative to PowerPoint. Dr. Glatt, who is a Tennessee native from Memphis, earned a BA in Psychology from Christian Brothers University and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience Track, from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, both in Memphis. While she enjoyed her research work in graduate school, she also enjoyed teaching. She feels fortunate she was offered the opportunity to join the PSCC faculty in 2011 and has been here ever since. Magnolia Avenue is her “home” campus and certainly has come to feel like home to her.

Of her experiences at Pellissippi State, Dr. Glatt says, “I enjoy being involved at the college and am passionate about the things that I pursue. Accessibility is a complex topic. It has aspects that are legal and emotional. It is both important and stressful. The project using Sway was to try and ease the stress, even just a little, with an easier method for creating accessible presentations. Although the trainings were focused on the technical aspect of Sway set-up, they also offered an opportunity for some great conversations across the college – across disciplines as well as role (attendees included faculty, staff, and admin). Sway seemed to be well-received by most participants and I had the pleasure of presenting on this project at the League of Innovations conference. It was the last trip I took before the pandemic, and I was able to spend it in Seattle with some amazing colleagues.  On a fun note, I have a big heart for pets and love being creative. Whether it’s through baking, jewelry-making, coloring, decorating, or even making something new for class, I feel that I thrive best when I’m able to do my own thing and explore outside of the box.”