Early Feedback Strategies

Share your ideas for providing meaningful feedback to your students within the first three weeks of your class. Please include your Department in your comment.  Thank you!

1 thought on “Early Feedback Strategies”

  1. Check with students who have not submitted online quizzes beginning on Day 2 of classes.
    Ask students who are missing work to email me and request that I reopen the quiz. I do this, and email them to inform them how long the quiz will be open.
    Ask in lecture for questions about online work and how to read the feedback provided with each quiz attempt.
    Have students work in pairs and ask questions throughout each lecture for partners to discuss and then ask for follow-up questions regarding need for more clarification.
    Students work with an assigned partner on responses to application questions through NearPod. Immediate feedback is provided to the whole class regarding responses to these questions.
    Set-up grade sheet so all students can see a current calculated grade based on required assessments for all class days.

    • Department: NBS

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