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Wednesday, August 12th

8:30 am to 10 am: Opening and Keynote Presentation

Opening by: Dr. Anthony Wise, President of Pellissippi State Community College

Keynote by: Mr. Derek “DY” Young

Derek Young“Creating a Culture of Belonging…Earning World Class Campus Status”

The goal of this keynote is to inspire members of the PSCC community to elevate how they increase the sense of belonging others feel through a personal commitment to replace bias (conscious and unconscious) and microaggressions with equity and inclusion.

10:30 am to 11:30 am: Concurrent Sessions

From Stage to Screen: Effective Virtual Presentations Faculty, Staff, Administrators Donn King, Associate Professor and Becky Milam, Director of New Student OrientationSpeaking in person is hard enough. Going virtual just complicates it. Some of the same skills apply, but the virtual environment requires a different mix. In this session we will help faculty and staff learn in practical terms how to engage a virtual audience to make the best use of time. We will look in particular at best practices with Zoom tools, with an emphasis on communication effectiveness rather than just the technical.
Self-Care, Student Accountability, and Brightspace Faculty, Staff, Administrators Margaret Choka, Professor and Patricia Collins, Associate ProfessorThe session will introduce faculty to time and stress saving tools and strategies to help mitigate these common student issues and give faculty members confidence in their ability to track and manage student participation, facilitate students’ accountability, and know when “good enough” is a perfectly healthy response. (Course email tracking, Pulse, Quizzes, User Progress, In-Progress Grade Item (Calculated), Content tracking)

Resources that Margaret Choka puts in her courses.
Back to School Legal BriefingFaculty, Staff, Administrators Beth Martin, TBR General Associate CounselJoin Beth Martin, General Associate Counsel for the Tennessee Board of Regents, as she reviews relevant legal principles regarding free expression, student conduct and special issues involving online matters.
Connected Learning Delivery Format A.A.S. Career Program FacultyDr. Scott Kizzire AVP of Enrollment Management, Bellevue University; Brock Evans, Cohort and Certificate SpecialistThis is a timely presentation with the college’s renewed interest in accelerated course delivery and a focus on online and on-ground delivery. Dr. Kizzire will present on strategies and execution for a connected learning environment. Regardless of online or on ground delivery — or a classroom that includes both — connected learning provides a highly interactive environment where students are engaged.
Using Alert Features in Navigate to Connect Students to ResourcesFaculty, Staff, Administrators Denise Penzkofer, Associate Professor; Christian Lockhart, Counselor; Elizabeth Firestone, Assistant Vice PresidentSince Fall 2019, representatives from both academic and student affairs have been collaborating to implement a set of features within the Navigate platform that allow faculty to proactively report on students of concern. If at any point in the last three semesters you have completed a Progress Report, submitted an Alert, and/or helped respond to a Case, then you have participated in these efforts. This session will provide a brief overview of the different strategies and models that we have used and what we have learned. From there, the remainder of the session will focus on our plans for using these features in Fall 2020 and how we hope to efficiently and effectively gather faculty feedback on students in order to get them connected with the best resources.

Powerpoint presentation from this session.

11:30 am to 12:15 pm: Break

12:15 pm to 1:15 pm: Concurrent Sessions

Developing the Social Dimension in an Online Environment FacultyLora Bagwell, Associate Professor and Lauren Jordan, Assistant ProfessorThis interactive session focuses on developing the social dimension in an online environment with an emphasis on developing classroom norms in the first few class sessions. Participants will leave with multiple examples for creating norms as well as methods to encourage student engagement throughout the semester. Attendees will actively create a set of norms using at least one of the methods explained in the session.

Powerpoint presentation and supporting documents
Remote Reviewing: Successful Online Peer Review Using PeerMark and Video Assignments in Brightspace Faculty Anna Matsen, Instructor and Royce Jacomen, Instructional Technology SpecialistPeerMark has recently become an invaluable pedagogical tool in my composition courses because its use increases student engagement and improves the quality of student-to-student feedback on working drafts. My presentation, given in cooperation with Educational Technology Services, will demonstrate that PeerMark and Video Assignments are pragmatic tools for improved peer review practices, especially in distance learning courses conducted through Brightspace. With the guidance of the presenters, attendees will have an opportunity to experience these tools for themselves, both as instructors and as students.

PeerMark and Video Assignments Presentation
PeerMark and Video Assignment tutorials can be found in the Beyond the Basics course in Brightspace. (Beyond the Basics is a self-enroll course. Just log in to Brightspace and under the Resources menu, select Discover. There you will find these two courses and you can self-enroll into each of them.)
Recruiting Diversity in Study Abroad Faculty Amanda Carr-Wilcoxson, Assistant Professor and Felicia Hankins, Program Coordinator for TnCISInternational Education is one of TBRs determined High Impact Practices, but there are key student groups who remain underrepresented. The 2020-21 academic year will pose several barriers to recruitment of students. Presenters Felicia Hankins with Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS) and Amanda Carr-Wilcoxson will discuss ways to recruit students in an online environment with a focus on how to increase diversity of the student body while abroad. Expect to participate by brainstorming ideas.
Rethinking Promotion and Tenure Policy Faculty Mike Murphy, Associate Professor and Linda Smith-Staton, Associate ProfessorThis session, hosted by the Faculty Senate president and the Promotion-Tenure Committee chair, will be an open forum to discuss the current promotion and tenure process for faculty, examine strengths and weaknesses, pontificate on how the promotion and tenure process can evolve and grow along with the college and its faculty.

1:30 pm to 3 pm: Collaborative Cafes

Do you miss running into colleagues in the hall, cafeteria, or walking around the duck pond? Do you miss the casual exchange of ideas about work, teaching, and life? If so, take some time to drop into a Collaborative Cafe to virtually mingle with your colleagues and informally discuss the topics that interest you. 

ETS / BrightspaceFaculty Royce Jacomen & Stephanie Shipley, Instructional Technology SpecialistsAre you ready to teach remotely for the Fall semester? Were you scrambling this past Spring to teach online? Is this your first semester using Brightspace? Have you been using Brightspace but want to ramp up your course? Want to design your “online” course so that you can ensure all students succeed and so that you aren’t pulling out your hair?
If so, join ETS’s Instructional Technology Specialists, Royce and Stephanie, for a candid conversation/demonstration of all that Brightspace has to offer. There is nothing planned for this session. Bring your questions, concerns, ideas, expertise/lack thereof, and let’s talk freely about how we can provide the best online environment for our students this Fall. This is session is for beginners, novice, and advanced users. Let’s take your face-to-face courses and transform them to an online environment.
Service-Learning ABCsFacultyTracey Farr, Academic Coordinator for Service-Learning/PACE Fellow and BCT Assistant Professor• Academic examples for many areas of study.
• Basic process step-by-step for recording faculty and student hours.
• Community connections and project planning to work with your course objectives.
Let’s talk about how this HIP works and how we can transform our students into “Upstanders—people who stand up for what is right and choose to use their resources to help others and strengthen our cities.” (Park, Giving for Growth)
Service can be incorporated into almost any academic discipline and there is always more needs than volunteers, even in a virtual environment.
DEI ConversationsFaculty, Staff, AdministratorsLiz Ross: Director, Talent Management Human Resources Looking for an opportunity to engage with others about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) here at the College? Advancing DEI helps us live into our Core Values and achieve greater impact in the community. Join us for an open conversation with your colleagues to share thoughts and ideas on actions we can all engage in, as we digest the information from our keynote speaker and other presenters.
Meet our new AdministratorsFaculty, Staff, Administrators Judy Gosch and Angela Hughes, Assistant Vice Presidents of Academic AffairsAngela Hughes and Judy Gosch are our newest administrators. In a regular year, we would stop by, have some cookies, congratulate them on their new positions, and inquire about their new projects. This is a virtual opportunity to do just that (though you might have to provide your own cookies). Angel and Judy will be available in this Zoom room to hear faculty and staff concerns and suggestions, talk about their own goals and ideas, and just take the opportunity to connect with the Pellissippi community they are serving.
Social HangoutFaculty, Staff, Administrators Do you miss running into colleagues in the hall or the cafeteria? Do you miss just saying hi and catching up with no set agenda? If so, drop into this collaborative cafe with your own cup of coffee to connect and engage with new and old friends.

Thursday, August 13th

8:30 am to 9:30 am: State of the College

Dr. Anthony Wise, President of Pellissippi State: Recording of Dr. Wise’s State of the College

9:45 am to 10:45 am: Concurrent Sessions

Helping Students Cope with COVID-19 Related Stress Using an Educational Perspective Faculty, Staff, Administrators Counselors: Paris Palmer, LMSW, Kathy Douthat, LPC-MHSP, Angela Obear, LCSW and Heather White, LPC-TThis presentation will provide faculty and staff with information and essential tools to identify students struggling with COVID-19 stress symptoms. In this presentation, we will address how to utilize these tools in the various learning environments of Fall 2020: Online, Virtual, Hybrid, and On Campus.
Any Where, Any Device, Any Time

Tools for Learning
Faculty, Staff, Administrators Alice Wershing, Assistive Technology Specialist & Adjunct InstructorAn overview of tools available to all students, faculty and staff for use in presenting and consuming course content to fit the needs of learning preferences will be demonstrated. Options in Office 365, Brightspace and open source tools virtually and across devices will be demonstrated. Strategies for sharing information on the use of the tools to convey subject matter material will be included. Participants will be given time for discussion and will leave with a knowledge of tools to enhance instruction and learning for our diverse student population.
Pellissippi Academy Panel  Faculty, Staff, Administrators Elizabeth Ross, Director of Talent Management and Pellissippi Academy ChampionsPellissippi State’s targeted professional development program focuses on five core competencies: Change & Conflict Management, Communication, Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership. These competencies were identified and designed to strengthen the college’s performance by investing in its employees specifically for meaningful engagement between the college and its commitment to stronger employees, managers and leaders. This program runs from September 1st – May 1st and is free and open to all staff and faculty, including adjuncts and temporary part-time staff. Join us as we introduce the Champions who will guide participants throughout the year, discuss the different learning mediums, and answer audience questions.

Video recording of the Pellissippi Academy Panel presentation.
Who are our Students? Faculty, Staff, Administrators Drema Bowers, Director of Student Care and Advocacy How well do we know our students? We think we do, but the data may surprise you. Join us to learn more about our students, their backgrounds and some of the unique challenges they face. We will share the results of our #Real College Survey and discuss some of the supports Pellissippi has in place to address some of the non-academic barriers- including an introduction our new Student Care and Advocacy Department.

Who are our Students? PowerPoint presentation

11 am to 12 pm Concurrent Sessions

New Opportunities for Student Engagement and Success through the 2022-2027 PSCC Quality Enhancement Plan Faculty, Staff, Administrators Linda Reeves, QEP Selection Committee Chair and Members of the QEP Selection Committee As part of the SACSCOC Reaffirmation Process, PSCC will develop a QEP for the 2022-2027 timeframe. Representatives from a broad cross-section of faculty, staff, and administrators have been hard at work during the summer to consider timely ideas for the next QEP. Each of these proposed ideas is grounded in actively promoting an increase in student engagement and success. Join us for a lively discussion of the three QEP topic proposal finalists – it’s your opportunity to ask questions of committee members, provide input, and be a part of the next QEP selection process.
Recruitment Focus GroupsFaculty, Staff, Administrators Carole Gary, Executive Director of Human ResourcesIn fall 2019 and spring 2020 human resources conducted multiple focus groups to discuss better aligning our recruitment efforts with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan initiatives. Carole Gary will share the results of that work and some of the steps we have already taken towards removing instititutional barriers to employment at Pellissippi State.
PSCC Student and Graduate Panel on Diversity Faculty, Staff, Administrators Angellyssa Chandler, Student;
Annie Duran Perez, Graduate;
Shay Eady, Student
Pellissippi students and graduates will help us become more actively inclusive. During this session, panelists will recount PSCC experiences in relation to African American, Latinx, and LGBT+ identities. Through student and graduate advice, we can move toward words/actions that reinforce inclusion for all students and away from disappointing words/actions. Since PSCC students and graduates will be the primary speakers, we will receive expert suggestions for practices to drop and to adopt. The panel will be hosted by PACE Global and Diversity Fellow and Associate Professor, Deborah Bernhardt.

12 pm to 12:45 pm Break

1 pm to 2 pm Concurrent Sessions

Course Reflections ReunionFacultyDeanne Michaelson, Professor; Martha Merrill, Professor; and Tony Crossland, Associate ProfessorA continuing conversation from the Course Reflections Process training course conducted during summer. Please bring your thoughts and share ideas, concerns and challenges related to course revisions and teaching courses fall 2020. Any examples participants have developed and are willing to share are appreciated.

All faculty are welcome, even those not completing the Course Reflections Process training course during summer 2020.

Instructions for creating and dismissing (deleting) a widget.
PSCC and Other Resources for Online Students
Identifying and Interrupting Unconscious Bias in Online Learning Environments Faculty Liz Ross, Kate O’Meara & Karen SorensenThis training will define implicit bias and unconscious discrimination as it pertains to online learning. Participants will be presented with strategies on how to promote equity and inclusivity while teaching online and given the opportunity to discuss and practice these techniques.

PowerPoint presentation used in the session.
We All Need to be ESL Instructors: Assessing the Writing of Multilingual Students Faculty Moira Connelly, Associate Professor This session will share the English language writing background of many multilingual students and discuss faculty options for assessing that writing, supporting its development, and responding to “plagiarism.” In small groups, participants will collaboratively assess a piece of writing by a non-native English speaker and discuss their assessment process.

We All Need to be ESL Instructors presentation slides
Ally Training  Faculty Paul Ramp, Director of Distance Learning and Kellie Toon, Director of PACEAlly is a new accessibility tool in Brightspace that can help assist you and your students. This session will provide a brief introduction of how Ally allows students to access course documents in alternative formats. It will also introduce how Ally can be used by instructors to evaluate the accessibility of their course documents and provides resources to improve document accessibility if needed.

2:15 pm to 3:45 pm Collaborative Cafes

Do you miss running into colleagues in the hall, cafeteria, or walking around the duck pond? Do you miss the casual exchange of ideas about work, teaching, and life? If so, take some time to drop into a Collaborative Cafe to virtually mingle with your colleagues and informally discuss the topics that interest you. 

COVID ConversationsFaculty, Staff, AdministratorsTerry Crowe, Chief of Police, Angela Lunsford, Dean of Nursing, Alex Comen, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Manager, Kathy Byrd, Vice President of Academic AffairsWhile the Emergency Management Team has been preparing diligently to safely open campus, and the Marketing Team continues to keep the entire Pellissippi Community abreast of evolving changes, you may still have questions about what coming back to campus would look like, how to stay safe and healthy, and how to communicate these messages to our students. If so, join this Collaborative Café to ask your questions to a panel comprised of members of the Emergency Management Team. This will be an organized, facilitated Q & A.
LEAPFaculty, Staff, Administrators Susan Martel, Reference Librarian/Instructor & Stephanie Shipley, Instructional Technology SpecialistWe invite you to a unique session filled with fun activities connecting you with fellow faculty and staff. Join us to try a new type of interaction and chat with your fellow Pellissippians to learn about their professional and personal pursuits and to share your own.
Let’s Chat: An OPEN Discussion About OER (Open Education Resources)FacultyAntija Allen, Assistant Professor of Psychology / PACE Faculty FellowDr. Antija Allen is the Faculty Fellow for First Year Experience. Her project focuses on faculty development around implementation of Open Education Resources (OER). Her overall goal is to assist faculty in helping students eliminate both the academic and financial barriers created by purchasing textbooks. Antija will be on hand to answer your questions about: (1) what open education resources are; (2) the pros and cons of utilizing OERs; (3) where you can find OERs; and (4) how OERs can support student equity and diversity. This will be a discussion, so join this session to either listen in or ask any burning questions you may have about OERs.

OER Resource Guide distributed in the session.
Student Engagement FacultyPaul Ramp, Director of Distance Learning and Karen Sorensen, Instructional DesignerLooking for ways to engage students in the new normal? While the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to online learning present challenges, we can still engage our students with both learning and college life. This collaboration cafe is for anyone who would like to discuss ideas and experiences about student engagement, with colleagues.
Hangout with Dr. WiseFaculty, Staff, Administrators Dr. WiseDo you miss running into Dr. Wise and other colleagues in the hall or the cafeteria? Do you miss just saying hi and catching up with no set agenda? If so, drop into this collaborative cafe with your own cup of coffee to connect and engage with new and old friends.