Measuring Outcomes

Brightspace has a tool that can help you measure your students progress towards your course learning outcomes.

The Brightspace Competencies tool

  1. Login to your Brightspace course.
  2. Click on the Course Admin item in your main (horizontal) navigation
  3. Under Assessment heading, choose Competencies.
  4. You should now be at the “Competency Home

Enter Learning Outcomes into the Competency Tool

Note: Brightspace uses the terms Objectives and Outcomes interchangeably. Even though it is asking you to create new learning objectives, we will be entering the learning outcomes from your Master Syllabi.

  1. From the Competency Home page, click on Create New Learning Objective
  2. On the New Learning Objective page, enter the name of the first Learning Outcome from your Master Syllabi into the Name field.
  3. Enter a Description and Additional Identifier if you want, but it’s not necessary.
  4. Enforced Assessment Method should be marked as No.
  5. Ready for evaluation should me marked Yes.
  6. Click Save and New.
  7. Continue until you have entered all of your Learning Outcomes/Objectives, then click Save instead of Save and New. This will return you to the “Competency Home” 

Associating Assignments and Quizzes with a Competency

Now that your Competency structure is set up, now you need to associate those learning outcomes with an assessment.

Associating Quiz questions with Learning Outcomes/Objectives

  1. Go to Quizzes section of your course.
  2. Click on the Quiz you want to associate with learning objectives and choose the Objectives tab.
    objectives menu
  3. Click on the Associate Learning Objectives button.
  4. Choose all of the Learning Objectives that will be measured with this quiz, then click Add Selected button.
  5. Next you have the choice whether to associate the entire quiz with all of these learning outcomes, or drill down to associate specific questions with individual outcomes. If you are associating the entire quiz with all of these learning outcomes, skip to Step 8.
  6. Click Associate Question under the first Learning Objective and put a check mark next to the questions and/or sections that you want to associate and click the Associate questions button at the bottom of the page to save.
  7. Repeat Step 6 for each Learning Objective.
  8. The final step is to add an Assessment method to each Learning Objective.
  9. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right corner of each Learning Objective and choose Add Assessment.
    Add assessment menu
  10. Under the Assessment Type, you have the choice of Numeric or Rubric. For a quiz, you will probably choose Numeric.
  11. Under the Assessment Method, you have the choice between Quiz Score or Score on selected questions. If you associated different questions with different outcomes, you will want to choose Score on selected questions.
  12. Check the check box for “The activity is required to complete learning objective.
  13. And then decide what is the minimum score of the associated questions or entire quiz that will determine whether that learning objective has been met. If you only have one associated question, then the Overall Threshold would be >=100%.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Repeat Steps 9 through 14 for every Learning Objective associated with this quiz.

Reading the Results

After the quiz or assessment has been administered and graded, you can check on how well students are meeting the objectives through the Competency Results page.

  1. Click on the Course Admin item in your main (horizontal) navigation
  2. Under Assessment heading, choose Competencies.
  3. You should now be at the “Competency Home
  4.  On the Competency Home page, on the left side of the page, there are the words,”By Hierarchy” and “Search“.Click on the plus sign next to “By Hierarchy” and then click on Independent Learning Objectives.
  5. Click on a Learning Objective.
  6. Click on the Results button.
  7. Here you will see a table with all of your students in the course. The last column of this table is an indicator of whether they have completed the competency requirements or not. If they have satisfied the requirements for that learning objective you will see a check mark. If they haven’t, you will see an X.