Community of Practice: Building Students’ Knowledge of Disciplinary Texts

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The purpose of the course is to provide teachers with background knowledge and metacognitive routines to increase their students’ knowledge of content texts, language and disciplinary discourse and practice.  This course in online and allows two weeks for completion of each module after week 1.

Week Module Topic
0 1 Introduction and Orientation
1&2 2 Evaluating and Building Background Knowledge
3&4 3 Developing Knowledge of Texts
5&6 4 Developing Knowledge of Language
7&8 5 Developing Knowledge of Disciplinary Discourse and Practice


Organization of Modules 2-5

In each two-week period participant will

  1. Read a few pages to develop background knowledge and post comments to the community.
  2. Choose from several strategies/routines and implement one in the classroom.
  3. Post the results of the implementation to the community discussion board and comment on at least two other posts.

When we have enough registrants for a class, the training will be held in D2L/Brightspace.

If you have any questions, please contact Lora Bagwell at or 865-694-6690.