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Putting on the A.R.M.O.R. of College Success

PACE faculty fellow, Rick Patton developed the mnemonic device of Putting on the A.R.M.O.R. of College Success to promote retention of the elements of college success and consistency in communicating about them.

Attitude: the right mindset for successLink to ARMOR flier

Resources: you + peers, on- and off-campus assistance with academics, career exploration, technology, transportation, finances, disabilities, food security, mental health, healthy relationships, scholarships, etc.

Meet Expectations: attendance, promptness, persistence, attention to detail, decorum, effective notetaking, timely submission, developing networks, daily checks of e-mail and D2L, frequent checks of MyPellissippi, etc.

Organize: course materials, time, study groups, goals, finances, etc.

Read and Review: assigned reading, class notes, instructions for assignments, instructors’ comments, syllabi, class schedules, etc.

Addressing students about elements of college success in such a unified way will help first-year students to more quickly learn the hidden rules of college and will increase the likelihood that students will understand and meet expectations.

Please contact Rick at 865-329-3134 or email at for help using ARMOR in your course or to let him know how you are incorporating it. Download the ARMOR flier and put it in your classroom!