Curious about Service-Learning?
Use this flier to help you promote Service-Learning to your colleagues. A link to PDF version is here.

Welcome! My Name is Tracey Farr and as the PACE Faculty Fellow and the Academic Coordinator for Service Learning and an Assistant Professor, I am hopeful that this site will be a great resource for you.  If you want to bookmark this page, I will be updating it regularly.  We also have general information that is targeted to students and the community on our PSCC main web page found here: Service-Learning, Service-Learning website.

Tracey FarrTracey Farr, Academic Coordinator – Service Learning

PACE Fellow 2019-2021

BCT Assistant Professor


Service-Learning PODCASTService Learning Podcast

Episode 1 is here. A partner, student, and faculty member talk about a great project!  FEBRUARY 2020

NEW Episode is here! Learn from Matt Spraker (DIrector of SEAL) how to distinguish volunteerism from Service-Learning!  AUGUST 2020

SEPTEMBER 2020 is here!  What a great opportunity we had to talk to our amazing partners at Volunteer East Tennessee!

Serve InDEED Journal, Volume 7, Issue 1
Article from Tracey Farr on page 20 from PDF File linked to image.


As a faculty member, Service-Learning starts with you.  To keep our records accurate, please always register your course(s) each semester with the Service-Learning database under myPellissippi.  It just takes a few minutes. Here’s quick start video to help you.


Students sometimes don’t know where to start when it comes to Service-Learning. For that reason, I have created a simple checklist for students to use:

Student Start-Up Checklist for Service-Learning

PLUS, 2 helpful videos for you to use to help your students register for our Service-Corps and Record their Service Hours:

Step 1: Registration for Service Corps

Step 2: Reporting Service Hours


Here are 2 helpful partners with databases to assist your students with finding service opportunities:

Volunteer East TN

Volunteer East Tennessee

Alliance for Better NonProfits




Alliance for Better Non-Profits

Other helpful links:

Service-Learning Syllabi Samples

Are you interested in incorporating Service-Learning into your course, but need ideas on how to set it up? Here are examples of Syllabus supplements used to incorporate Service-Learning. Feel free to download and edit them.

Library Articles and Books

Check out the selection of books and articles on Service-Learning curated by Pellissippi State Librarian, Instructor and Faculty Advisory Board member, Susan Martel.

A CASE For Why it’s WORKING: Service Learning has a strong correlation with student success

Cindy Wawrzyniak, PACE Faculty Fellow 2017-2019, collected data from four sections of BIOL 1110 and two sections of SPAN 1010 to compare academic success between students who did Service-Learning and those who chose not to. The statistical analysis below was done by David Keyes, statistician on the Title III Grant, and Paula Sawyer, Math instructor.

Based on a two tailed t-test, the students who do Service-Learning perform statistically significantly better than students that do not do Service-Learning , (p<0.01). There is a strong correlation between academic success in BIOL 1110 and SPAN 1010 and Service-Learning.

BIOL 1110

Students that did Service-Learning average 81.8% of the total points in the course, (n=38).

Students who didn’t do Service-Learning average 57.3% of the total points in the course, (n=58).

SPAN 1010

Students that did Service-Learning average 77.0% of the total points in the course, (n=28).

Students that did not do Service-Learning average 57.3% of the total points in the course, (n=21).


Watch these three short interviews with a Service-Learning student, instructor and Service-Learning site.