Sway for Accessibility

Traditionally, PowerPoint has long been the standard for presentations. However, making an existing PPT presentation accessible can be daunting, especially with high levels of customization. As all faculty and staff face the responsibility of making their own course materials and presentations accessible, it would be beneficial to introduce a new technology to make this process easier and faster. One possible solution lies in Sway, which is a Microsoft product all faculty already have access to via Office 365.

Sway is user-friendly and has an accessibility option that can be simply switched on by the user. This means that a presentation shared with students allows students to individually choose “accessibility view” or not. This not only could benefit faculty and staff by providing an easier way to produce accessible presentations, but it could benefit students with disabilities accessing these presentations with assistive devices.  This work falls under the High Impact Practice of Mobile and Emerging Technology and is being completed by Faculty Fellow, Rebecca Glatt (arglatt@pstcc.edu). This project is supported by PACE.

This Faculty Fellow project has the following goals:

  1. Increase awareness of the importance of Accessible Materials
  2. Introduce an alternate and easier method of creating accessible presentations through Sway
  3. Offer training sessions on how to create a Sway
  4. Increase the number of accessible presentations in use across the college, meeting requirements for college and federal regulations

Resources for Accessibility

Please check out the Accessibility and Universal Design page on the PACE site for links to helpful resources. These include the Pellissippi State Accessibility Policy, links to the library and ETS resources, as well as links to the laws that apply to accessibility.



Get Started with Sway! Steps, Links, and Documents

  1. Log into Office 365 using your PSCC login information.
  2.  Click on the Sway app – if Sway is not showing by default, click “All Apps” as shown in the image below.                                                                           
  3. Get Started with Sway
    1. Access and Download a Step-by-Step instruction guide for creating a Sway. These instructions focus on creating a Sway presentation from scratch and using one method of formatting to mimic slides in PowerPoint. Link to Shared Document: Sway Instructions (It is recommended to attend an in-person training to learn how to create a Sway, and this document is provided as a handout during the session.)
    2. Find tutorials from Microsoft Office Sway Quick Start
    3. Training through LinkedInLearning
      • First, access LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) through the PSCC library:  https://lib.pstcc.edu/lynda (New users must register with a PSCC email address. Dual enrollment or TN eCampus students should use the email address provided by their academic institution. To access Lynda.com, each user must create a personal profile. Complete the sign up form using your name & email address. If you have any trouble signing in, please contact the library for assistance.)
      • Sway Essential Training (1hr 14min)   (may need to be logged in to access)
      • Embed a Video in Sway (or anywhere)   (may need to be logged in to access)
    4. FAQ’s about Sway
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