Teaching for Transformation Faculty Learning Community (FLC)

Teaching for Transformation PACE: FYE First Year ExperienceThe mission statement of our college promises “a transformative environment fostering the academic, societal, economic, and cultural enrichment of the individual and the community”. What does a transformative environment look like? How do we foster societal, economic, and cultural enrichment in our chemistry, accounting, composition or statistics classes? A growing body of evidence indicates holistic or whole student approaches to teaching and learning promote the development of the non-cognitive skills essential to academic, professional, and personal success.

Across the higher education community, holistic approaches to the First-Year Experience and beyond have shown promise in increasing student engagement and student success. This faculty learning community will provide the opportunity to share our ideas about what it means to teach holistically across disciplines and job functions. Administration and staff members are encouraged to bring their knowledge and experience to the community. This is a chance to come out of our respective silos and share our expertise.

Based on your feedback there will be three more sessions during October and November devoted to the discussions of the components essential to fostering transformative learning. In addition, there will be a blog, a place for online discussion, and a repository with access to research articles and other resources. Participation in this project will meet or partially meet the professional development requirements for most (perhaps all) departments.

Please consider joining our cross-disciplinary learning community. Starting from a broader definition of student success, we will explore the benefits of an integrative holistic approach to teaching and learning.

Join the Teaching for Transformation faculty learning community. John will work to find a meeting time that works for all of those interested.

For more information, contact John Smith at jtsmith2@pstcc.edu or come by AL 122.