Accessibility Planning Committee

Members from multiple departments meet monthly to benchmark, plan, and advise on the accessibility of Pellissippi State.


  • Committee Chair Kellie Toon, Director of Academic Center for Excellence
  • Josh Dean, Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Rebecca Glatt, Instructor and 2018-2020 Faculty Fellow
  • Annazette Houston, Executive Director of Equity and Compliance
  • Royce Jacomen,¬†Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Jennifer Mezick, Interim Director of Library
  • Nancy Pevey, Dean of Mathematics
  • Paul Ramp, Director of Distance Education
  • Ann Satkowiak, Director of Disability Services
  • Judith Sichler, Instructor and Faculty Senate President
  • Erin Simpson, Coordinator of Web Authoring
  • Karen Sorensen, PACE Instructional Designer
  • Alice Wershing,¬†Technology Specialist for Disability Services
  • Michael Wolfe, Dean of Business and Computing

Current Projects

Currently the Committee is gathering input from college leadership and developing an institutional plan based on results from the GOALS Planning Tool results.