Pellissippi Partners for Student Potential

Hand circleSince its inception in the Spring of 2015 , the Partners for Student Potential initiative has continued working to fulfill its mission of creating opportunities for members of the PSCC community to deepen and broaden our understanding of the College’s student population and ourselves, as well as providing practical strategies for coming alongside our students more effectively.  Most recently, the primary focus has been on encouraging faculty to consider the value of cultivating a sense of belonging for all PSCC students, as well as exploring the possibility of measuring the impact of such efforts.

Get involved

Current PSCC employees may participate in the professional development opportunity that will be offered (but optional) to all First Year Seminar faculty.  Dates and times will be announced in August.  It will likely involve folks attending three 90-minute workshops/sessions as well as doing the accompanying reading selections. For more information, contact Anne Pharr.

Listen to our podcast

Episodes are on a schedule of 1 per semester.




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