Techy Pathways

Techy Pathways: Being Tech Ready and Getting Techy with Your Class! Covering: Getting Connected on Campus, Poll Everywhere & Microsoft Forms

The techy pathways have been designed to help you and your students get connected on campus and will lead up to presenting an assignment on your device with your students. We have the devices on campus; let us use them for education! Presenting interactive material to your student’s devices can keep them on task with classwork, increase engagement, and give everyone in the class a voice. If you’re new to the techy world in education do not fret! The first training will cover the student and faculty “Be Tech Ready” websites and what resources are available. Once you’re connected, the first session in the pathway will be pre-planning and making an accessible document to lead you into the second session(s) with learning how to use Poll Everywhere and/or Microsoft Forms for your interactive lesson.  

With these techy applications, students answer questions synchronously or asynchronously and the instructor gets live feedback. Both applications are FREE for both the instructor and student AND work with almost any device. They also have a reporting feature which can be used in a variety of ways in classes and is covered in the last session of the pathway 

Join faculty fellow, Rachel Glazener on the techy pathway and learn how to be techy and use Poll Everywhere and/or Microsoft Forms with your class. You can attend one or multiple sessions, the pathway is built to have a cumulative knowledge of using devices with students along with the application itself.  Registration is needed for each session and a laptop is needed for most sessions.