Grow Your Skills Tech Challenge

Are you ready to join the Grow Your Skills Tech Challenge!?

This challenge is designed to lead you to information on D2L/Brightspace, productivity, student engagement, assessment tools, and fun techy tools. Some of these tools you might have used before or currently use and some might be brand new. You get to pick and choose what areas interest you the most to complete tasks in to help you grow your techy skills.

Everything in the challenge is self-paced, can be accessed at any time, and should have enough information to add a new skill to your faculty/staff toolbelt. There will be four total levels, each level will have a specified number of tasks for you to complete. When you have completed the set number of tasks, fill out the completion survey for each level and receive a leaf in campus mail for your completion card. Each level completed with a survey will also receive a certificate of completion for professional development.

Let’s Get Started!

Grow Your Skills Completion Card with Tree and directions on how to get to the PACE website.
Grow Your Skills Tech Challenge Completion Card

Print the Grow Your Skills Tech Challenge completion card or get one from Rachel Glazener. Place this card on your desk as a weekly reminder to work on a new techy task for that week/month. The more levels you complete the more leaves you get to place on your card, aka office bragging rights!

Check Back Often to review what tasks are available for each level and to learn about face to face training opportunities.

Level 1

In level 1, the primary focus is to get connected to be able to use mobile devices on campus, get connected with students in an online environment, and start to get connected with apps to help with productivity. Some of these tasks are self-explanatory and some will be expanded on in level 2 through 4 to give additional teaching, engaging, and productivity ideas.

To earn a leaf and certificate for level 1 you must complete 5 tasks, i.e. add 5 new skills to your toolbelt. The tasks are of your choosing but we challenge you to choose something new if you can. You can dive as deeply into the task as much as you need to be able to add this new item to your faculty tool belt.

A task is considered any one thing new you’ve learned. For example, learning how to connect to wi-fi or how to upload documents to D2L or learning about the resources available for students. You choose the set of tasks that best fit your teaching/roll. After you’ve completed the 5 tasks fill out the “I’ve grown” survey at the bottom of level 1. If you feel you’re already proficient at level 1, will out the “I’ve grown” survey to continue on to level 2.